Eyebrows frame the face and eyes. It makes a huge yet subtle difference to improve their shape. There are a variety of permanent make up enhancement techniques which can be used to restore lost definition and colour of the eyebrows.

Hair Stroke Brows

This provides a soft, natural look, with the effect of ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes that blend seamlessly with natural brow hair. Whether your own brows are light in colour, thin due to ageing or plucking or absent altogether, the hair stroke technique creates a natural brow effect.

Ombre Brows

The ombre technique gives a soft shadow look – as if you had applied a brow powder. This is an excellent option if you have some natural hair growth and are used to applying makeup to fill the brows or if you simply would like more definition and a lasting better shape.

Powder Brows

For the ultimate statement look, powder brow achieves a bolder colour for the 24/7 made up brow effect. An ombre effect can also be created with this technique. The least natural of the brow looks but undeniably striking and beautiful.

Combination Brow

A combination of hair stroke and ombre may be the best option for those with oilier skin or who have had previous work that needs correcting or covering.


Hair stroke brows £375

Ombre brows £375

Powder brows £375

Combination brows £375

All permanent makeup bookings require a deposit of £100

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner Details

Eyes can be transformed by adding definition and drama with a top line, bottom line or a flick that does not need to be replaced every day and is expertly drawn to accentuate the beauty of your eyes.

You could even try something more elaborate with two-toned shaded eye liner!

However subtle or dramatic, an eye treatment can transform your morning routine – just get up and go!

During a Treatment

After Treatment


Eyelashes definer £250

Eyeliner upper and lower £300

Eyeliner upper or lower £250

Super thick eyeliner £375

Soft Shaded eyeliner £350

Shaded liner £400

All permanent makeup bookings require a deposit of £100

Permanent Lips

No more re-applying lipstick after a drink or meal – just perfect lasting colour.

You can go for natural-looking, more defined lip shape and enhance your own natural lip colour – or you can go bolder with a fabulous intense shade that gives the look of permanent lipstick.

In most women, lips lose volume and definition over time – and the corners of the smile can start to drop. Permanent make up can help correct these signs of ageing, restoring lost colour and definition – and your smile!


Ombre lip £350

lipliner and blush £370

Sheer lip tint £350

Full lip stick effect £400

All permanent makeup bookings require a deposit of £100

Permanent Lips

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Other Prices

Consultation £50 (This is redeemed off any treatments undertaken)

Full face £900 (brows, eyeliner and lip blush)

Beauty spot £100

Within 6 month colour boost £100

Within 12 months colour boost £200

Within 12 – 18 months colour boost £250 (including a touch up)

All permanent makeup bookings require a deposit of £100

What to expect…

How long does it take?

All the eyebrow procedures take around 2 hours. This includes an initial consultation and after care advice.

What happens during a treatment?

First there will be a consultation, where we make sure your natural colouring, face shape and desired look are all carefully considered before creating a template for your new, enhancement.

We use an electronic handpiece to trace over the template, so the colour is precisely infused. Afterwards your stylist will show you your new look, then apply aftercare products to soothe your skin and encourage healing.

Will it hurt?

A numbing agent is used, so discomfort is very minimal. Throughout your eyebrow tattooing treatment your stylist will check with you to see how you are feeling.

Will I be able to go back to work straight afterwards?

Absolutely. Typically, the area around your treatment may be very slightly red, but that should be the only after-effect.

Do you provide aftercare?

Yes – a complimentary tune-up and aftercare products are included with your treatment. The tune up treatment should be within 4-8 weeks from the first appointment.

How long does it last?

Permanent make up typically last between 12-24 months. After that we advise our clients to return for a colour boost treatment.

My eyeliner enhanecment is perfect for busy women like me who don’t have enough time to faff around and do eye makeup every day. Kim has a real knack of beautyfing eyes. I am very happy with results.
I had my eyebrows enhanced,the colour match is perfect, it was completely painless and they look great.
I had my lips enhanced and loved the effect. Everybody commented on how good it looked. Kim was efficient and very sensitive to her client’s needs. I felt relaxed throughout the whole treatment, and would highly recommend Kim. Have had a few treatments with her, all of which left me feeling relaxed, looked after and totally pampered.
I’m blessed with the palest eyebrows and eyelashes in the world, and when the dye fades I look a bit like an alien. Kim gives me beautifully shaped brows, the perfect colour and eyelashes to match. She must be good, I keep going back.
Cannot fault the friendly and professional manner that Kim has when dealing with her customers. I return time and time again as she listens to what you want, gives you 100% every time and always updates you on new treatments available. My brows have never looked this good!
Kim is an amazing eyebrow artist. She’s changed my eyebrows from being so fair they were virtually non-existent to gorgeous bombshell coloured shapes. Totally top be recommended.
I’ve had eyebrows done by someone who used to work at top salon in west end and I’ve got to be honest Kim Balaskas’ knowledge an understanding off what her client wants is terrific she has done my eyebrows the best of anyone I’ve had permanent brows done with and she’s lovely person too won’t hesitate to go back for future permanent brows
Kim is really professional in her approach, takes her time and explains each step by step. I felt like I was in safe hands.
I have been seeing Kim for over two years now and trust her advice and judgment implicitly. I have had my eyebrows and lips done with Kim – both permanent make up procedures and am always extremely happy with the results. Kim is very friendly and puts you at ease. I’d recommend Kim to anyone considering this type of treatment.
I was so nervous before my appointment – really wanting ‘new’ eyebrows but worried about the process being painful. But I worried unnecessarily! Was exactly as Kim said it would be – a slight scratching sensation. Kim carried out a thorough assessment and consultation before she started and the end product is amazing! So happy I’ve had it done. Highly recommended.
Thank you Kim it was lovely to see you again. I’m very pleased with my eyebrows – a work of art… Beautifully done with great care and attention to shape & colour. From baseline of over plucked 70’s eyebrows to a nice natural look… thanks.
Kim was really friendly and easy to talk to. She explained every step of the process, advising best results and asking for my opinion and consent. The process takes about two hour and it is not painful. I was very satisfied with my treatment and happy it was done with Kim.
Just love my eyeliner! Kim is definitely the queen of all things eyes! Can’t recommend highly enough!
I am so delighted with the result of the eyeliner!! It shades brilliantly into the perfect flick … something I’ve never managed to do with eyeliner! Kim is the absolute Queen of all things eyes! I can’t recommend highly enough!!
As always Kim is considered when performing her expert tattooing skills. The end result was fantastic.
I am so pleased with my ombré brows, they’re perfect. Would recommend Kim to anyone, her work is fantastic.